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Dr. Monty Dobson is no ordinary archaeologist. Adventurous and eager to learn about the world around him, Dr. Monty has scuba-dived with both sharks and barracudas, explored the Egyptian desert, and traveled the world. He is also the host, writer, and producer to a four-part PBS television series that explores America’s secret history—as seen through the archaeological record. In the first episode, Dr. Monty leads a team to investigate the disappearance of the Cahokia people, a powerful group of people who were ruled by warrior chiefs and built cities throughout the Southeastern United States but then mysteriously vanished from history. Dr. Monty and his crew explore various museums and excavation sites to help explain what became of these great people. Other episodes will cover the French Colonial fur trade, the American Revolution, and the settlement of New Philadelphia. Dr. Monty enjoys history, anthropology, and archaeology, and when he is not working on his television show, he teaches history at Drury University in Missouri where he is able to learn and teach others about the world around them.

To learn more about Dr. Monty and his work, visit: www.montysworldonline.com

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