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Questions about becoming an Archaeologist

I want to go on a dig. How do I volunteer? What archaeological opportunities are there in my area?

How can archaeologists stand all that dust and dirt being on them all the time when they excavate an ancient site? Doesn't that get annoying sometimes?

Anthropology Resources on the Internet

Many Dig readers tell us that they want to pursue a career in archaeology. We asked Dr. Dig for her advice to all those interested in becoming archaeologists!

What is the difference between an archaeologist and an anthropologist?

What jobs are there in the real world for archaeologists to do?

I want to go on a dig! How do I volunteer?
What archaeological opportunities are there in my area?

My life dream is to become an Egyptologist or archaeologist. What books, games, sites, or anything else would you recommend? Do you think I would find anything if I began digging in our old creek in the woods?

What college should I go to study archaeology? What subjects should I take?

What happens during graduate school for an archaeologist?

Why did you want to become an archaeologist?

How much money do archaeologists make?

How many hours does an archaeologist work each day?

What kinds of jobs are there for archaeologists?

Is there a career combining art and archaeology?

Is there an archeaology job that involves animals and wildlife?

What do archaeologists do from the time they get up until they go to bed?

What specialties are there within the field of archaeology?

What languages should an archaeologist know?

Do you need to study world religions?

Would I have to learn about computers?

Do archaeologists need to know about rocks?

Do you have to pass a physical fitness test to be an archaeologist?

Do you have any pointers on writing and being tidy and organized as an archaeologist?

How can archaeologists stand all that dust and dirt being on them?

Can archaeologists bring their families on digs?

Do most archeologists travel a lot?

Do archaeologists get special offers like visiting
certain places nobody else is allowed to see?

Where do archaeologists live while they are working on a site?

Describe a typical day for an archaeologist.

What's the hardest thing about being an archaeologist?

Could you give me some information on the basics of archaeology?

What could I do now to get started in the field of archaeology?

I'm worried about how to become an archaeologist.

(See also www.saa.org/Careers and www.britarch.ac.uk/educate/ed6.html.)


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