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Here, grouped by subject, are some of the questions that Dr. Dig has already answered. This is a great place to start research, or just find out that tidbit of information you've always wanted to know!

If you don't find your question here, check the Recent Q & A or email it to her.

Frequently Asked Questions Here are the questions you've asked Dr. Dig the most. If it is your first visit, be sure to start here!
Archaeology Careers So, you want to become an archaeologist? Dr. Dig gives you the inside dirt.
General Archaeology Find lots of general questions about archaeology and archaeologists here!
Tricks of the Trade Want to know how archaeologists dig? Find out about the dirty work.
Dinosaur Droppings The answers to all your questions about our prehistoric friends.
Dynamite digs Looking to go on an excavation? Find out how to get information.
Amazing Mummies/
Bog Bodies
They're creepy, kooky, mysterious, and spooky, but they don't scare Dr. Dig! Neither do your questions.
Asia and the Pacific dr. Dig conquers questions all the way from China to Hawaii. Find the archaeology answers for everything asian, polynesian, and more!
Exciting Egypt Do you feel linked to the sphinx? Need the real poop about the pyramids? Here Dr. Dig discusses Egypt and its mysteries.
Eureka! Europe! Come see what Dr. Dig has to say about prehistoric Europe. Amazing megaliths, caves, and more!
Ancient Greece and Rome From tooth-brushing to god-worshipping, here are the answers to questions about the life of ancient Greeks and Romans.
Mesoamerica Dr. Dig talks about the civilizations -- Maya, Aztec, Inca, and more -- who lived in Mexico and Central and South America.
Native Americans Find out about the history of Native Americans.
Middle East From the Dead Sea Scrolls to the Ark, get your answers here!
Hominids and Cavemen Get the dirt on hominids and cavemen!
Underwater Archaeology Shipwrecks, underwater sites, and everything you want to know about archaeology under the sea!
Miscellaneous Info These archaeology questions didn't have a home, so Dr. Dig took them in. Ancient music, spiders on excavations, and even diapers show up here!
Great Resources Dr. Dig's pick on books, activities, and where to find more information about your favorite science. Includes many ideas for teachers!

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