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Questions about early man

Where can I get information on cave men?

Dr. dig responds:
I would suggest asking your parents to take you to your local library and then browsing through books on pre-historic man. If you need help finding the books you need, ask the librarian. One of my favorite series of publications is called the Eyewitness Books published by Dorling Kindersley. Eyewitness Books published a particularly good volume called Early Humans. In it there is lots of useful information and wonderful photographs about the kind of food that pre-historic peoples would have eaten long ago: hazelnuts, blackberries, birds' eggs, dandelion leaves, nettles, fish, fruit, meat.

Prehistoric people were not all "cavemen", because many of these people who lived at the same time long ago did not all live in caves! Some lived in huts they made from the skins and bones of prehistoric animals. Others lived beneath the shelter overhanging rock which protected from the elements of wind and rain. Others lived near the mouths of caves, leaving the deepest parts of caves for hunting rituals and ceremony.

What did cavemen eat?

Dr. dig responds:
What cavemen ate depended a whole lot on where they lived and what season of the year it was.

We can get a variety of foods all year round because we can import them from different parts of the world. Cavemen had to rely on what they could hunt or gather right aroung them.

The food they ate probably consisted of whatever meat and fish that was available year round, fruits and berries in the springtime, root vegetable and fruit in the summertime, nuts in the autumn, dried meat, dried fruit and nuts in the winter.

I like eating the foods that are grown in season, just as the cavemen did. Food tastes better and seems fresher when it is grown locally and in season. There is nothing nicer than the first juicy strawberry in early summer or a crunchy homegrown ear of corn on the cob in July.


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