Questions about Hominids and Cavemen

What did the Paleolithic people use for writing, like on walls and on rocks?

I have a question regarding the discovery of a Neolithic male whom I saw on display in 1977.
Do you know anything about him?

Was Homo Erectus the first hominid to use fire ?

What did Neanderthals eat? What did they do? How did they make their clothes?

What evidence is there that Homo erectus used fire? Why did they use it?

How did the Cro-Magnon people communicate? What do the archaeological finds tell us?

What did fire do for early man?

How many difference branches of hominids were there?

Is there any distinction between caveman, Early Man and Stone Age man?

Can you tell me about Homo Erectus and the Australopithecines?

How do fossil footprints form?

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