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Breaking News!

Denmark: What a find this is! In the Danish town of Odense—where the famed fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen—a few wooden barrels, dating to the Middle Ages, have been uncovered. And what a surprise when excavators checked the contents—poop! Yes, the barrels had served as latrines some 700 years ago. That definitely was their original purpose. They once held fish and were used to takes merchandise from one area to another, but at some time they were converted to latrines. And, according to the archaeologists working at the site: “They still smell bad!”

United States: As workers on a construction site in Nashville, Tennessee, prepared an area for a new baseball park, they uncovered fire pits and ceramics that are believed to date back to as early as A.D. 1150. The finds suggest the area was once a workshop where mineral water was boiled to collect salt, which the people then used as a trade item. Stay tuned for more details as the finds are analyzed.