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Questions about Mesoamerica

What is the main difference between Inca and Maya civilizations?

Dr. dig responds:
The main difference is that the Inca culture lasted for less than 200 years (A.D. 1440s-mid 1500s) in the present region of Peru, which is in South America, but the Mayan culture lasted for more than a thousand years, from about A.D. 400 to 1500, and flourished in the region of the Yucatan, which is in Mexico.

The Maya kingdom emerged around B.C. 1000, and lasted until A.D. 1697. All Maya shared a common culture and religion, but they did not have a capital city or ruler. Each city governed itself and had its own powerful ruler. The Maya had their own form of hieroglyphic writing.

The Inca empire was located in the highlands of the Andes in South America. They flourished between A.D. 1438 and 1534.

Your local or school library will have wonderful books about these two amazing cultures. Their beautiful pottery and colorful costumes are awesome -- you will really want to check them out in books with good illustrations.


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