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Other Archaeology Resources

Teaching with Primary Sources - Archaeology of Early Colonial Life
This three-ring is divided into three sections: St. Augustine, Florida; Jamestown, Virginia; and Plymouth, Massachusetts. Each section includes a variety of copies of documents, arfifacts, tools, maps, art and classroom activities.
ISBN 0382443667   $28.95

Teaching with Primary Sources - Ancient Rome I and II
Each contain over 100 documents showing images of sculptures, paintings, and ruins of the Roman Empire, and 20 or more activities. Extensive notes on each item supply useful background to the teacher.

  • Ancient Rome I features Government and Politics; The Military; Trade and the Economy; Aqueducts; Baths and Sewers; The Arena; and Latin Roots in English
    ISBN 0382408624   $28.95

  • Ancient Rome II features Theater; Sculpture and Painting; Religion; Daily Life; The Roman at Home; Latin Prefixes in English
    ISBN 0382408659   $28.95

Teaching with Primary Sources - Ancient Greece I and II
Each contain a wide variety of images that let students see how the ancient portrayed themselves. Essay suggestions, classroom and individual projects, research and debate topics, critical thinking questions give teachers a rich choice of activities.

  • Ancient Greece I features Law, Order, and Commerce; The Military; Athletes; The Games; Religion; and Greek roots in English
    ISBN 0382444507   $28.95

  • Ancient Greece II features Architecture; Sculpture; The Theater; Everyday Life; The Greek at Home; and Greek Prefixes and Numbers in English
    ISBN 0382444531   $28.95

Theme Pack - Archaeology
This boxed set contains five back issues of our magazines (Archeology: Finding the Past; Archaeology: Digging Up History; Lost Treasures / Lost Ships; Fieldwork: The Anthropologist at Work; What Bones Tell Us) with a comprehensive teacher's guide.
ISBN 0382406885   $25.95

Several back issues of CALLIOPE, our world history magazine,
contain a supplement developed in cooperation with the AIA or otherwise include a great deal of archaeological and related information. Click here for a complete list of CALLIOPE back issues
$5.97 each

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