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Texas Archeology Month is held each October. It includes hands-on activities, site tours, demonstrations, lectures, and more. For more information, visit: http://www.thc.state.tx.us/archeology/aatam.shtml.

The Texas Archaeology Society Field School is a summer program for kids from elementary to junior high. Learn the ins and outs of archaeology,is a summer program for kids from elementary school to junior high. Learn the ins and outs of archaeology, as well as how people thousands of years ago lived. For more information, go to: http://www.txarch.org/.

The “tanks” at Hueco Tanks State Park & Historic Site, located to the northeast of El Paso, are large, naturally formed rock basins that collect rainwater. From prehistoric times onward, Native Americans dwelling here took advantage of this feature and left hundreds of pictographs on the walls of the tanks. Now, the park hosts a wide variety of activities ranging from rock climbing to guided tours focusing on the rich cultural and natural history of the park. Advance reservations are required for tours, so check their website for availability information at: http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/spdest/findadest/parks/hueco_tanks/.

The Bosque Museum has a large and varied collection of artifacts, including Native American artifacts, firearms used in every major U.S. battle/war, Norwegian artifacts, primitive Texan furniture, textiles, and early medical and educational supplies. There is also a recreated archeological site on exhibit, with an educational film. Children under 10 have free admission. For more information, call (254) 675-3845 or visit their website at: http://www.bosquemuseum.org/.

Brazosport Museum of Natural Sciencehas the largest collection of shells in the southern United States, as well as exhibits on paleontology, archaeology, minerals and wildlife. Frommer’s Travel Guide named this museum one of the top ten museums in Texas. For more information, email bmns@bcfas.org or visit: http://www.bcfas.org/museum/

The Rock Art Foundation works with private landowners to protect ancient rock art found all over the state. For more information, and tour details, go to http://www.rockart.org. (Note that their website does not recommend the tours for children under 12, as many sites can only be reached by strenuous hikes.)

The Texas Historical Commission eexcavated two important archaeological sites relating to French explorer Robert Cavelier, also known as Sieur de La Salle, including the explorer’s sunken ship and the settlement he established. Seven museums in Texas are home to a series of exhibits that together tell the story of La Salle’s expedition and the Texas Historical Commission’s excavations. For more information, visit the website: http://www.thc.state.tx.us/.

The Houston Museum of Natural Science features 12,000 square feet of gallery space highlighting the native peoples of the Americas, from Alaska to Peru, and exploring thousands of years of human history. The Hall of Paleontology includes dinosaurs with fossilized skin. Searching for Eternity: Life and Death in Ancient Egypt includes about 100 artifacts. The highlight of the presentation is Ankh-hap, a mummy from the museum's own collection. In addition to a variety of other programs, labs and classes, excursions and family field trips are planned throughout the year. For more information, call (713) 639-4629, or go to: www.hmns.org.