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Wisconsin Historic Preservation and Archaeology Month takes place in May. For more information, visit: www.wisconsinhistory.org/hp/hpmonth/.

Old World Wisconsin is a village that replicates what life was like for early Wisconsiners. Tour the living museum, and learn what life was like in Wisconsin thousands of years ago. In the summer, check out a real vintage baseball game, played the old-fashioned way, with no gloves! For more information, visit: www.wisconsinhistory.org/oww/.

Wisconsin Maritime Trails is a "trail" of historic sites, museums, and monuments that look at, explore, and share what life was like aboard the ships that sailed past Wisconsin soil. Learn what types of ships were used and how archaeologists are working to uncover the hundreds of shipwrecks beneath the Great Lakes. For a list of museums and historic sites, visit: http://www.maritimetrails.org/.

The Logan Museum of Anthropology offers a variety of archaeological programs throughout the year, in addition to several great anthropological collections. For more information, call (608) 363-2677 or go to: http://www.beloit.edu/logan/.

Dinosaur Discovery Museum has the largest number of carnivorous dinosaurs on display in America. Children can also participate in a dinosaur dig where they can use goggles and safety tools to become paleontologists. There is also a discovery room where kids can use dinosaur rubbings, color or read dinosaur books. For more information, go to: http://www.kenosha.org/dinosaurdiscovery/index.html.

The Wisconsin Historical Society's Museum Archaeology Program highlights the rich culture and history found in the state. So far, nearly 4,000 field projects have been completed. For more information, go to: http://www.wisconsinhistory.org/archaeology/map/.